Become a stylish trendsetter and protect your vision from the harsh UV rays by wearing stylish mirror tints. Apart from being available with over 1000+ frame styles, here's how wearing stylish mirror tints helps you combine styles with vision acuity. 

Protection from the sun's relentless glare: Have you ever squinted your eyes while walking on a sunny day? Say goodbye to those uncomfortable moments! Mirror tint glasses provide exceptional protection against the sun's blinding glare. 

With their reflective coating, these glasses act as a shield, reducing eye strain and allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors without any discomfort.

Privacy at its finest: These shades not only protect your eyes from prying eyes but also give you a sense of privacy. 

Whether you're people-watching or simply want to enjoy a moment of solitude, mirror tint glasses have got you covered.

A fashion statement like no other: Mirror tint glasses effortlessly combine style and functionality. With their sleek and modern design, these glasses add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. So, whether you're hitting the beach or attending a music festival, mirror tint glasses are the perfect accessory to elevate your fashion game.

How To Order Mirror Tints


1) Select Your Frame & Enter Prescription: Choose your frame style and color. After that, click on "Add To Cart" to enter your full prescription.

2) Enter Your Prescription & Rx Type: Enter your prescription or send it later. Choose your recommended Rx Type. (Single Vision, Bifocal or Progressive) 

3) Select Your Lens Type & Lens Options: Click on Sunglasses Tints and select “Mirror Tints'' with your preferred color option. After this, browse the  most suitable options for Lens Thickness and Lens Quality as per your prescription.  

4) Finalize Your Lens Coatings: Select your preferred lens coating or choose “No Coating”. Make payments by clicking on Add To Cart”