Frequently Asked Questions - Goggles4u Eyeglasses

-          Why are your prices so low?

Controlled non-production overheads enable us to sell eyeglasses at such prices. Where people are more towards advertising and having big outlets in turn burdening their buyers, we exercise a low profile policy to get the same money back to our customers. The low price has nothing to do with quality. The quality of the frames and lenses are the same as offered in other stores. Only frames with superb quality are offered online after systematically evaluating every frame on set standards.

-          How do I place an order?

Simply select a frame as per your size. Enter in your prescription. Pick the lenses from the options available. Add them to the cart and proceed with the payment.

-          How do I use a promo code?

Add the glasses you want to your cart. Scroll down to a box reading Discount Code. Enter your specific code and click Apply Coupon. Notice the Grand Total drop (Awesome!)

-          Can I use more than one promo code at a time?

We limit orders to one promotional code per order.

-          Why do I select a frame of my size?

It is always recommended to select a frame as per your size so that we can adjust the pupil distance accordingly, else you might not be able to focus. We understand style matters but vision makes things go.

-          I do not see the lenses I want or getting an error.

Once you enter the prescription, our system will give you the options that we can do and are available in our stock for your specific prescription. If none appear, it means we do not have the lenses for your prescription.

-          Doctor gave me the prescription for contact lenses, is it any good?

Eyeglasses can only be produced using the prescription of the eyeglasses. Contact lens prescription cannot be used for them.

-          How can I get prescription sunglasses?

Lens Tints are available in the Lens Option. It is a permanent color on the lenses. You can select Sunglasses right after providing the prescription info. You can also have lenses that change color in the sunlight; they are named "PHOTOCHROMIC" in the lenses option.

-          What are your lenses made of?

Our high-quality lenses are made from strong, lightweight plastic and sealed with a scratch-resistant hard coating. Before they’re cut in-house, each lens undergoes different stages of production and quality control inspections.

-          What coatings do you have?

We offer 5 lens coatings: 

Scratch Resistance: Hard coating seals plastic lens to reduce scratching and increase durability.

Anti-reflection: Made with anti-static, anti-reflective, and hard coat colored glare. Ideal for computer usage and night driving.

UV Protection: UV protection made with hard coat layers blocks out 100% of all UVA and UVB rays.

Hydrophobic:  Water-repellent and protects the lenses from dirt and water. 

Blue Cut Digital Protection: Protects from the harmful blue rays that disperse from electronic screens and all multimedia devices.

-          Do you offer Prism Correction?

Prism is available with all usages up to base 5. Extra charges will apply once the prescription is entered. You only require prism value to complete your prescription now. We can make glasses with prism only. 

-            Do you offer frames only or non-prescription or cosmetic usage glasses? If not, can you re-lens my current frame?

We can only make and ship a complete pair of prescription glasses and frames too. We do not make and ship lenses only, unfortunately, due to varying state laws, we are prohibited from doing so.

We are offering glasses or sunglasses for cosmetic use now. 

-            Do you offer glass lenses?

At this point, we only have plastic lenses available and the highest index is 1.67. 

-          Do you charge for a strong prescription type?

If it includes "PRISM" then a slight additional charge will be made applicable on the overall cost of the lenses and you get your prescription ready. 

-          Once my glasses are ready, can I come to pick them?

It’s an online store only. We do not have a physical location for now.

-          Where will you make my glasses?

Our orders are initially shipped in from the Drop-Shipment from our overseas production facilities. We dispatch them via Canadapost once the shipment is received in the Canadian facility.

-          Do you offer international shipping?

We do ship internationally as well. Refer to the shipping policy for all the details. (

-          How much is shipping?

Standard Shipping for Canada is CAD 9.95. For shipping information from other countries - please contact our Customer Support. 

-          When will I get my order?

It takes 14-21 business days to receive your orders in Canada. For other countries - please contact our Customer Support Team and hear more about the destination of your choice.  

-          Can I change or cancel my order?

Just email us or give us a call at 1-888-830-7857. Try to contact us within 24 hours, since we process our orders very quickly.

-          How do you ship the order? Do I have to take care of customs or taxes?

Orders are initially shipped to drop-shipment from our overseas production facilities. We dispatch them via Canadapost once the shipment is received in the Canadian facility. No customs or taxes are applicable to the product.

-          Do I get a tracking number?

We dispatch orders from our shipment facility in Canada using Canada Post - so the tracking number will be updated in the Goggles4U Account once the glasses are dispatched. 

-          Can I check the progress and status of my order online?

All the orders placed by the user account can be updated online in their account. For guest users, they may refer to the link:

-          Do they come in the original case & accessories with them?

Unfortunately, not all brands that we carry come with original designer cases or accessories since we purchase them in stock lots to offer you the best prices. We do provide a Goggles4u case if that brand is not available in a designer case with us.

-          Do you have replacement frame pieces?

At this time we only carry replacement nose pads.

-          How do I pay? Is it secure?

We accept all major Credit Cards and PayPal. Our main gateway is PayPal and it is the most secure platform, where your information is 100% secure. We do not store any card detail. The other details remain secure on our servers.

-          Are the prices in CAD (Canadian Dollars)?

Yes, we charge in CAD (Canadian Dollars) only. All other currencies are subject to the conversion rate.

-          Do you accept Insurance?

We do not accept insurance directly but can provide you a detailed itemized receipt using which it can be claimed.

Still Not Sure?

If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Support department over the live chat. We are available round the clock - 24/7.


Phone: +1-888-972-9060